Hi, I'm Michael Goß,

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I'm a freelance web developer based in Regensburg, Germany and I love to create and build things. I always get excited and fascinated by solving real-life problems and automating tasks. With many years of experience in the field of software engineering, it's my goal to build clean, maintainable, and performant applications, where the right user experience is the focal point.

I'm passionate about JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Gatsby, JAMstack architecture, Landscape Photography, reading books, listening to podcasts, learning new things, the Spanish language and Spanish food, food in general actually 😋, exercising, stretching, ... to name only a few

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gethandy.de is a statically generated E-Commerce shop for smartphones, smartphone bundles and tariffs only. The shop is based on a white label shop solution in a nx monorepo.
Tech stack: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Storybook, Tailwind CSS, Jest, Docker, Kubernetes, Mongo DB, Golang, GCP, PayPal API

OTTO Tarifwelt

OTTO Tarifwelt

otto.de/tarife is a statically generated E-Commerce shop for smartphone tariffs embedded in OTTO.de. Shop is based on a white label shop solution in a nx monorepo.
Tech stack: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Storybook, Tailwind CSS, Jest, Docker, Kubernetes, Mongo DB, Golang, GCP, PayPal API

JAMstack E-Commerce

JAMstack E-Commerce

This app is a scalable E-Commerce shop built with JAMstack technology: JavaScript/TypeScript, API/Google Firebase cloud functions, Markup/Statically generated site with Next.js.
Supports payment processing via PayPal API and Stripe API for all kinds of credit cards. For optimal performance and security, the frontend is pre-generated at compile time with Next.js (React). The backend is entirely built on Firebase cloud functions and Firestore database to provide scalability and maintainability.

Get in contact if you're looking for a web shop implementation!

Demo Baugebietverwaltung

Baugebiet Marketing und Verwaltung

This single page application SPA helps to manage properties of a building area and visualize their availability within Google Maps for potential buyers. Prospective customers can request and send inquiries for specific properties, so that information flow is directed and managing is made easier. On the administration side, a dashboard is available to manage all properties and requests in order to update and modify all assets.
This TypeScript application is created with React using Next.js in the frontend for server-side rendering purposes. Visually, Material UI is the design system of choice for this application. The backend is based on a Realtime Database from GCP.

Baugebiet am Seeacker

Baugebiet am Seeacker

baugebiet-amseeacker.de is an informational website where prospective customers can inform themselves about a building area and download all the necessary documents.
baugebiet-amseeacker.de is created with React, Material UI, and Next.js which allow for optimal SEO performance and lightning-fast page loads due to static site generation.

Website michaelgoss.de

Website: michaelgoss.de

michaelgoss.de is my personal website with some personal information, my latest projects I've been working on and some of the tech I'm using on a daily basis to create.
This website is created with React and Gatsby in the frontend, using Netlify CMS as a headless CMS to administer the blog section (which is currently disabled).

I Wany My Workout

I Want My Workout

iwantmyworkout.com is a service which registers users automatically for their Crossfit workouts. Too often when you forget to set an alarm to register manually, the desired classes are already full. I created this app in order to automate this tedious task of signing into Crossfit workouts fast and as soon as the time window for registration opens.
iwantmyworkout.com is a single page application (SPA) using React with Next.js in the frontend synchronized to a realtime database in the cloud. Beside the Google Firebase database, the backend is entirely built with TypeScriptand NodeJS on scalable services of the Google Cloud Platform, such as Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, Cloud Scheduler and many more.